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Monday, April 11, 2011

No Weigh Ins for April!

Happy Monday!
Yes you read that title correctly. And there's a lot to cover so let's get to it!

Current Weight: UNKNOWN!

I decided NOT to weigh myself this morning or any other Monday for the rest of April.

You see when I came up with my plan (of swimming 5 extra laps every night until I reached 100 laps and working on my pilates video) I also decided that I would not weigh myself through out all of it. Until May 1st.

Why? Because I've noticed that the number on the scale was dictating my mood and my motivation again. I wanted to remind myself that this isn't just about a number. It's about my health. So I forced myself to take away the scale as proof of progress and instead use other things.

Go back to noticing my energy level. Notice my clothes and how they fit. Notice my body and it's urges.

I'll still be checking in every Monday. But that's what it'll be "Check Ins" not Weigh Ins" at least for the rest of April.

Work Out Achievement(s):So I started my "Swim-to-the-Extreme" (I'm trying to come up with a cool name for it so I'm throwing things around here) plan on April 1st after getting up from a moping stupor in late March. Last night I finished 70 laps. I was getting pretty tired at the end which was nerve wrecking since I usually don't feel tired until 20 minutes after I'm finished.

One thing I've noticed is that I have to start earlier in order to get through my laps before it gets too late and the pool closes. LOL

It's an interesting schedule I have now because it's back to odd lapses of time and inconvenience.

Here's my current schedule:

6:30a.m. Get up and get ready for work/Breakfast
7:00 a.m. Head out to the field
9:00a.m Be back from the field and make second breakfast/In put data collected to the comp.
10a.m.-5:30pm Time to get random work done/ Lunch and two snacks in there
5:30pm Head back out to the field to prepare traps for the next morning
6:45pm Back from Field/ prepare to go swimming
7:00pm Swim my laps for the evening
8:30+pm Return from swimming/Take a shower/Pilates
9:00pm Dinner/ check emails/Sleep

Now as you can see I have an odd schedule where I have a ton of time to kill throughout the day since I have to wait for sunset and sunrise to do field work. Because the days are longer I don't reach the pool until 7pm or so (I don't swim in the day time. I usually do this at the end of the day because I'm usually so drained after swimming I wouldn't get any work done afterwards anyway). This kind of sucks because that means I don't eat dinner until pretty late and I'd rather not have a large meal so close to bed time.

So I have to adjust something. Get in the pool slightly sooner (though it still has to be around sunset so no earlier than 6:30pm) and/or eat dinner before I go swimming. Which is do-able.

On another note I went to Vegas this weekend to run errands and buy a few supplies I needed for next job. If I haven't been clear before-- this summer I'm going to be working in the Eastern Sierra Mountains about 2 hours south of Yosemite National Park. Near Mammoth Lakes, which is a huge snow resort area for those cool peeps who enjoy things like skiing and snow boarding.

absolutely beautiful isn't it?

This means that I had to go out and find snow pants. Now if you've been following this blog you might remember me mentioning earlier that I am not used to snow, don't know how to live or work in it and therefore am a bit nervous and not to happy to be around it.

So I never thought I'd ever need snow pants and boy was it an adventure to find them. I drove all around Vegas looking for them. Think about it. A girl who doesn't even know what these things look like driving around LAS VEGAS in APRIL looking for snowpants.


Not only that but having to try them on when I did find them. I saw more dressing rooms that day than I had in months.

But I found a pair that fit and didn't kill my wallet. A Men's size XL. Not bad. Not bad.

I was actually pretty surprised at how many pairs of pants DID fit. Sometime while I was going all over the place I muttered something I still remember,

"Now I understand why skinny girls like shopping."

I mean think about it, a lot of girls I've met LOVE to shop. I've always loathed it. I never understood what the big deal was. Clothes that will never fit, look ridiculous on, can't afford, all with big dressing room mirrors showing you what you have and don't want to think about. It's enough to make you sick.

But not this weekend. In the middle of all my comings and goings (and it hailed at some point and I might have gotten lost in another) I actually found myself having fun.

Fun. Can you believe it? I didn't.

One day I'll go on a shopping spree and buy what I want and have it look good on me. You'll see. But for now I have snowpants and leather gloves.

Pics later this week.

Have a great week everyone!


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