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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dealing with a good/not so good day

Looking back on today it was a pretty good day. The last group I worked with left this morning with smiles on their faces. I got my first tip (oh snap, cash!), I finished some paperwork I'd been getting behind on, I finished watching a good TV series on netflix, I got my box in the mail, and I even talked to my boss today about the possibility of creating a new job for me. How awesome is that?!

BUT, I also received a message early today that really brought me down. It wasn't anything malicious but more stern and slap-on-the-wrist like from someone I care about. There are only a handful of people whose opinions I care deeply about and this person was one of them. That message hurt and it just soured my mood all day.... mainly because I knew they were right.

So what do you do when you're sad and start finding tears rolling down your face? Well, I put up a front most of the day so I can get my work done. I went to the fridge... and cleaned it out. I washed dishes. I watched netflix. And finally I decided to go for a long walk toward the shore of the lake.

A total of 3.7 miles. Nearly four miles of me yelling at myself and the other person in my head. Of crying and reasoning with myself. Of reminding myself of the good day I had. Of giving myself props for walking to the trail instead of the pantry. All of this while power walking down and up a 1.5 mile hill.

I admit I was very tempted to scrounge for chocolate instead of go for this walk but I reasoned with myself. I tried to focus on the good parts of the day. I reminded myself that the reason I was so upset was because they had pointed out one of my faults and that wasn't pleasant. That they had a point. That the message wasn't really the problem, but that it triggered other feelings. That eating my sadness away never really helps... etc etc.

I worked it out. I came back sweating but refreshed. I washed my face, stretched and I wrote this post.

It really is a "You vs. You" situation. Which 'you' is winning your inner battles?


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