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Monday, August 26, 2013

Weigh In: Surviving Binge Week and reaching ONE-derland!

Happy Monday everyone! I woke this morning feeling more normal than I had most of last week. Reason being that last week was a VERY heaving eating week. I was overindulging left and right and it didn't help that the group I was working with were these awesome men with big appetites for meat and sugar.. just like me. Eeek! BUT I tried my best to at least stay active and here are the results:

Current Weight: 198.4 lbs (-1.6 lbs)

I DID IT! Despite my heavy eating I reached ONE-derland! I was so worried that I had ruined everything this week and yet I still managed to lose weight! I honestly think that all the work I did the week before just cascaded over to this week but I don't mind! This is awesome. My measurements showed that my thigh flab is still going down slightly although I did gain a bit on my waist. It really shows you what was going on. I don't mind though because my hips went down a fraction of an inch! Woop!


Here's where I have to fess up how much I ate last week. Meat, tortillas, ice cream, cheese and bread. It all added up.
How can you say no to a catered baby shower like this one?

Mon: 1575
Tues: 1597
Wed: 1514
Thurs: 2129
Fri: 2184
Sat: 2050
Sun: 1659

You can easily see the days that I ate with the group. I did it myself and I was noticing my self sabotaging behavior. I don't even feel bad about it anymore. I almost expect it to happen; every time I get close to reaching a new threshold I suddenly can't control my cravings. I know my behavior. I noticed what I was doing. I told myself, "Fine, if you're going to overindulge because you're scared than do it right and eat things you love and not things just because they're there." I'm not proud of this behavior and I am not planning on going on binge fests for fun but I knew what I was doing and I had to own up to it. If I restrained myself too much I knew that I would throw in the towel and that's not allowed right now. I'm too close to my goals!

Kayaking here. A gorgeous place to work out.
Now work outs.

Mon: Strength training
Tues: 3.8 mile Bike ride
Wed: zilch
Thurs: 2 mile walk
Fri: strength training/ 1 mile hike/ 2 mile walk
Sat: Kayaking/ 2 mile hike
Sun: 3.9 mile bike ride

I definitely varied my work outs this week. I went kayaking this weekend! The last time I went kayaking I tried it in the ocean and I was very frustrated because the guy didn't take the time to teach me how to steer the damn thing so I kept going in the wrong direction. This time, since I had been teaching kids how to paddle canoes forever I knew what to do. It was a great feeling. :)


Can I just say it again: I MADE IT TO ONE-derland! I did it! Which means that from now on the main goal is... to STAY in ONE-derland.
I need to drink more water.
It's time to go back to my calorie in take of 1200-1400 calories.
I need to vary my workouts more and continue to strength train more often and longer reps.
I have a guest these next couple of weeks and I have a tendency of over eating and eating out a lot when I'm hosting so I need to watch that this week too.
Now the main goal is to reach the 60 lbs loss mark. I have 7.4 lbs to lose in order to get there. It can be done!! I'm hoping to reach the 60 lbs mark by October.
My more immediate goal is to reach 197 lbs by next Monday.

I hope everyone's weekend was awesome and I hope everyone has a great last week of August! Good Luck!



zombiekim said...

Damn, girl! Good for you! You're inspiring me to get to the gym. Also, good lord, that food looks delicious.

Nikki said...

Congrats on breaking the barrier! I like how you are both monitoring your weight and measurements to keep you on track.

Debsdailylife said...

WOO HOOO!! Thats awesome!!! Keep it in check this week!! Congratulations!!

Mrs Swan said...

Yeah!!! Congrats!! Reaching onederland is such a great thing! I cannot wait to follow your footsteps! :)