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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Quicky Update: Yosemite Smoke

Having a good week and I've been mindful of my food in take although I have a guest right now and I always think of all the eateries I can take people to. I'm turning in to my grandmother; going on vacation? Where's the best food? *Shakes head*

But I did a mid week weigh in and I'm still in ONE-derland and going down. Yay!

We've been doing a lot of little hikes and walks and staying active.
This picture is one of the little walks we took just a quarter mile away from the east Yosemite entrance. You can see smoke covering the view of Mt. Dana in the background. Call us horrible people but we both thought the area smelled great, like a campfire.

Going to keep my promise to myself and lose that one pound to stay in ONE-derland. No one can stop me but me.

Have a great rest of the week/weekend!


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