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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I've Re-Reached the 50 lbs loss Mark!!

Since I've been very vigilant these last couple of weeks I decided to do a mid-week weigh in. Low and behold what I saw!

I've re-reached the 50 lbs loss mark! I did it! The last time I lost 50 lbs was in May of 2011. From there I wasn't able to keep it off and eventually fluctuated between 215-219 lbs. I'm SO GLAD I was finally able to re-reach this milestone.

Profile pics from this morning:

I looked back at my old entry and I looked at my measurements. Here they are again:
My measurements:

Starting Weight: 251
Last -50 lbs Weight: 201
Current Weight: 201
I've currently lost = 50 lbs

Starting Chest: 52 inches
Last -50lbs Chest: 45 in
Current Chest: 44 in
-----------------------loss= 8 in over all and 1 extra inch from last time
Starting Waist: 46 in
Last -50lbs Waist: 40 in
Current Weight: 38 in
----------------------loss= 8 in and 2 extra inches from last time
Starting Hips: 53 in
Last -50lbs Hips: 47 in
Current Hips: 46.5 in
----------------------loss= 6.5 in and 0.5 extra inch from last time
Starting Thigh: 27 in
Last -50lbs Thigh: 25 in
Current Thigh: 25 in
---------------------loss= 2 in and stayed the same
Starting Calf: 17 in
Last -50lbs Calf: 16 in
Current Calf: 15.75 in
--------------------loss= 1.25 in overall and 0.25 extra from last time

I'm thrilled! It was a lot of hard work and I still have to keep this weight off by Saturday, my birthday. But it happened and I must celebrate.... by eating ice cream! LOL just kidding. I think I'll go for a new hike tonight after work. 
Getting there! Woo!

A HUGE THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN SUPPORTING ME! I really appreciate it and I know I would have had a horrible time of it if you weren't there helping me out.

Now to work!



Julie said...

Oh girl, that is most awesome. I am so proud of you!!! YEAH!!! You keep it up and you'll be reaching your goal very soon.
I lost the first 50 but have gained some back but soon will work on getting rid of that and some more.
Take care and God Bless!!

Debsdailylife said...

Congratulations!!! Hard work and determination, smart eating, and movement!! You doing a wonderful job!