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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Before and After: Re-Finding Peace

Today I ate a rich breakfast (half a big lox and caper bagel sandwich and a big pancake) and to say I felt bloated after was an understatement. Once I got myself feeling a little bit more human I decided I needed to move. I'm SO determined to lose a pound by my weigh in tomorrow morning that I knew I needed a good hike and a strict caloric intake today. So on a whim I decided to do a hike to a lake I hadn't hiked since my first visit to the area 2 years ago.

Parker Lake.

I remembered this hike as being a long uphill trek and then FINALLY leveling out and going another distance through quaking aspen and lodge pole pine trees until you turn a corner and there's the lake! This time however, I felt that the uphill part was a quick, short section and the rest was a series of very gradual ascensions until you reach the trees and the lake. It definitely opened my eyes to how much more fit I've become in the last two years. 
That's saying something because I think that the summer of 2011 was the year I looked and felt "my best". Here there's a picture of me May 2011. I was about to reach my 50 lbs loss mark and I was incredibly happy. 
Parker Lake May 2011

And here is me, today August 2013 (hopefully) about to reach the 50 lbs loss mark again soon. Happy but I've definitely gone through some humbling. Re-gain, plantar fasciitis, struggle to lose what I'd gained and a bit more aware on what hard work was and is ahead of me.

Parker Lake August 2013

I don't feel like a million bucks. I feel that although I'm very close to reaching 50 lbs loss I don't think I look thinner. I think I look the same as ten pounds ago. I'm not expecting to never see the 200's again. I'm just hopeful that I won't and am very aware that I have to have intense discipline in order to stay away from re-gain. But today's hike really opened my eyes to seeing that maybe I think I looked better then but that I'm MUCH more fit now. Today's hike was nothing! Two miles of uphill ascension. Passing couples and families and not killing myself to do it.

I sat by the water's edge and took off my shoes and socks. I waded my feet in the water as I reclined against some boulders. I marveled in the beauty of the lake and reminded myself of how lucky I am to live a life that allows me to be here and do this. I became grateful for my body. As I heard the wind coming closer and then reach the lake, making waves and threatened to take my hat away I remembered how much I loved being outside.

I saw ducklings and chipmunks. Little fish swam in the shallow water and I spotted a robin. By the time I put my shoes back on and started going down the trail to my car I felt complete peace. I could tell I had a small smile on my face throughout the whole hike back. I love this lake. The same awe and amazement I felt the first time I saw this place hasn't left. There's something about Parker lake. I think I found my zen spot. LOL

Happy weekend everyone and wish me luck for a successful weigh in tomorrow!

UPDATE: I found my entry for this very hike two years ago. Not kidding you, I titled it "Finding Peace at the End of the World". Amazing. Glad to see this place hasn't lost it's touch. :)


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