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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Two Weeks Worth of Weigh Ins

I'm behind on updating my weigh ins. Last week I didn't get enough time before I had to go back to work and to the world of no internet. This Monday was the same. So now I'm here! And I'll update quickly since I'm about to go back to no-internet-land once again.

Last July Weigh In: 203.8 (I re-lost the fraction of a pound I'd gained the previous week.)

Current Weigh In: 203.6 (-0.2 lbs)

Although late, 203.6 is my official August weigh in. I'm a little sad to see that I didn't lose much weight last month. In the end I lost 2 pounds instead of the 4 or 5 I was hoping for but hey, 2 pounds is better than none! It's not too surprising when in the beginning of the month I indulged in tons of good food, in the end of the month I did the same, and work had a lot less hiking involved 3 weeks in a row.

My birthday is in 10 days. I am going to my HARDEST to lose 2 more pounds by then because I am DETERMINED to reach the 50 lb loss mark again. I also want to strive for ONE-derland this month.

I'm noticing that I'm self-sabotaging again. The last time I wrote that I was close to the 50 lb loss mark I noticed that I suddenly started snacking more often and getting lazy. I don't understand why I'm soo reluctant to lose weight. I can't say it's 100 percent subconscious because a part of me sees what's going on. I need to have more respect for myself, less fear an more discipline.

I'm not going to go through two weeks worth of activity and calories, partly because I didn't count and partly because there was a bit of "lack of" more than actual achievements.

I did manage to get on my bike three times, hike short distances many times, go on a few lazy walks. I did my toning work out maybe twice and since I went home last weekend I got to walk the dog and on the way back I let her lead which meant a nice long sprint. LOL

I ate A LOT of bread, a lot of beef, a lot of fruit, some greens, a bit of butter and too many sandwich wrap rolls during my friends wedding. I also had delicious Indonesian food in San Francisco. Let's just say that with awesome food around, no calorie counting and lack of sleep I'm not surprised I didn't lose, I'm only relieved I maintained.

Calorie counting!
I need to do different work outs and shock my body in to losing more weight.
50 lb loss mark!

Sorry for the rushed entry. I'll come back with pictures in a couple of days.

Happy Wednesday!


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Julie said...

You do it, you'll make it. And just in case I forget to get back here before you b-day (I'll try hard not to forget), HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are an awesome woman and when you set your mind to something you can achieve it.
Good luck. Have a blessed day!