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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Calorie Count Streak Day 2: Almond flour pancakes and giant zucchini

Day 2 of calorie counting. Again the goal was 1500 calories and I think I did it this time!

Breakfast: 581 calories

Lunch: 403 calories

Dinner: 279 calories

Snacks: 190 calories

TOTAL: 1453 calories

Burned calories: 761 calories from hiking and elliptical machine.

A messy but delicious breakfast.
It started pretty heavy. I got excited to try a new recipe again. I tried almond flour pancakes. I had tried a different recipe with many more ingredients. This one was much easier to do but was a little bland and needed a topping. I had left over pumpkin puree and most of an apple. I baked them together with brown sugar. It was delicious.

I ate too much sugar. Honey for the pancake recipe and brown sugar for the topping, so I took advantage of my day off and went for a hike.

I decided to finally go to my favorite lake. I hadn't been there all year. It was a great work out and it was a great meditation.

Beautiful right?
I was out of shape but it still felt great.

Lunch was the leftover cauliflower pizza and homemade vegetable soup. It wasn't enough food though and I was starving two hours later. I ate a few nuts, craisins, and carrots and hummus. I needed enough food because I still planned to go to the gym. 

Still sore from my hike I grudgingly went to the gym.

Dinner was amazing. I managed to get a hold of the biggest zucchini I'd ever seen in my life from the local community garden. I cut up half of it and grilled it with spices and balsamic vinegar.
Biggest zucchini EVER. My comp has a 17" screen fyi.
Chopped and ready to grill. 

 I only went through 1/3 of the zucchini I cooked though. I was so full after I ate zucchini and fish. I had cottage cheese and cinnamon for dessert to make sure I had enough protein. I hate getting hungry soon after dinner. 
I'm incredibly full right now and hope I can continue this streak for the rest of the week! 

Good luck everyone!


1 comment:

Nanette N. said...

That zucchini looks amazing.

I'm super impressed by all the activity you got in today! Gym + hike!?

Impressive. I hid inside today because it was nearly 100 degrees. I could have done something inside... body weight exercises, stuff like that. I'd feel bad, but calories were spot on!