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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Calorie Count Streak Day 3: So Close but No Cigar

It's day 3 of the calorie counting streak. I was doing sooo well in keeping my calories under 1500, but then I messed up by having a mixed drink at a goodbye get together for one of my co-workers. Why, oh why does alcohol have to be so calorie costly!!

Here goes:

Breakfast: 585 calories

Lunch: 529 calories

Dinner: 355 calories

Snacks: 350 calories

TOTAL: 1819 calories!

Grrr! I was doing so well by the end of the day. I was under my calorie goal and I even didn't touch the mountain of pastries that were in the goodbye get together. But then there were drinks. I figured one drink with rum and juice wouldn't hurt. Omg it wasn't even the rum it was the juice! 240 calories for a glass of pineapple juice. So not worth it!

But I admit my meals were delicious.

I had the left over almond flour pancakes for breakfast. This picture shows you a lot better what they look like.

I also woke up early to try my crockpot for the first time! I was so excited to finally try it. I loosely remembered a recipe for slow cooked beef shank I found on a paleo website. Instead of cabbage I had collared greens so I put in the greens with baby carrots and onion. I then lightly salted the beef and added a little rosemary and turned the cooker on low before going to the morning work meeting.

I'm so thankful work is just a five minute walk from my house because 4 hours in I realized I missed major ingredients. I quickly added garlic and broth to the recipe. I then added some sun dried tomatoes just for kicks. A few hours later it was done. The meat easily came off the bone and it smelled so good in my place. When I tasted it, it needed salt so I added a bit more and some pepper and that made the dish!

So good for my first slow cooker recipe. Next time go heavy on the salt!

I was done with my meals and I went to the gym. Burned a few calories and came back. That's when I immediately met with pastries. First fresh baked cookies and then amazing looking pastries from a local bakery. I easily resisted the bread. (I will reveal what has been working to keep me away from most breads later). However the thought of having one drink seemed like an ok idea. I knew I shouldn't have but didn't realize how much over I would go. I regret it but it's too late now.

I still managed to stay under 2000 calories and that is ok.

Yay for resisting baked goods!

Hope all is well with you.



The Other Lynn said...

I noticed you commented on Lyn's post that people were being judgmental. I think you should understand her history to understand why cake for dinner is not a good idea and is her going right back to old habits and justifying it.

Doug said...

Slow cookers are great! One tip - plan on always salting at the end. You don’t really know how much everything is going to cook down and if you add it early it’s never going to be right - and it could be too much and then there’s not much you can do.