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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The secret to weightloss

I got a cold on Monday. I haven't gotten a cold this badly in a while. My appetite has suppressed and my water intake has tripled. The secret to weight loss everyone. Get sick! LOL

But in reality despite this cold I have been counting calories again and going on short bike rides (before I realize I should be resting in bed).

I expect if I keep going like this I might actually see a change in the scale and the tape measure.
Sick and losing weight(?)

Hopefully when this cold goes away I'll still be able to suppress my cravings. This week I was able to stay away from chocolate, pancakes, eggs benedict and ice cream. It was easy. I hope it continues.



Sean Anderson said...

Hope you feel better soon! Excellent work despite feeling horrible! You go!!

Peanut Butter and Chocolate in a Strawberry Life said...

Sucks being sick when you want to be active!! Hope youre feeling better soon!!!