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Thursday, September 16, 2010

*Inhale* Ok, Let's Do This!

So I've been working on this new routine I swore to do after I found out I re-gained around 10 lbs in a semi-span of a month.

After talking to the most awesomenest-cousin-in-the-world-and-did-I-mention-she's-gorgeous-and-uber-talented (<--this is actually how I describe her to people, I'm not exagerating, she's awesome) when she showed concern over my drastic attempt to lose weight fast and possibly making a plan for failure, I decided to calm down take some time to really look at things and research ways in which I can make healthy changes to my lifestyle and smoothly make transitions that my body can cope with instead of just going ape-shit on exercise and bad dieting tactics.

I decided to go back to SparkPeople.com (which I really haven't been taking advantage of as I should) and read some articles, used some programs and it helped me I think, get some perspective and some balance.

I have to remember that this is a process and that I have to learn from my mistakes. Take it easy and steady and not try to rush in to anything that I know I won't be able to keep up with in the long run. I mean how can I continue to do over 1000 calorie burn exercises everyday for the rest of my life (unless I was a professional triathalon competitor.. or maybe a Tour de France cyclist like Lance Armstrong) and am I really going to be able to give up some of my favorite foods completely? How can I avoid cheese when I live with a family and a culture that loves quesadillas like a religious artifact?

So long story short I think I was able to gain a bit of a reality check after talking to "T.A.C. in the world". I am still going to go to the gym and/or exercise daily to burn as many calories as I can without killing myself or going overboard and I WILL be tracking my calorie intake.

So here's Wednesdays Report:---------------------------------------------

I procrastinated in going to the gym all Wednesday and finally at around 10pm I decided to get off my ass and go.
I got there and did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, changing the settings to trick my body up from it's regular routine.

I then decided to try out the stationary bike for 15 minutes( I want to try and get used to riding a bike again since I think it would be a nice work out and a nice way to get around once I move to the desert). That was interesting challenge. I took it easy because I wanted to see how my knees would take it.

Finally I power walked/jogged on the treadmill for 15 minutes to finish up the cardio.

End result:

Calorie burn: 736
Calorie intake: 2118

I actually liked the environment of the gym at night ( I was there from 10-12am pretty much). People knew each other. Made a point to chit chat with each other and help each other out. It was nice, and much better than the whole "gotta get in a full work out during lunch and let's get back to work" or "Early morning work out, then head out to my life" dinamic I was around most of the times I went.

I might go back at night again. Though I know that working out right before bed isn't the best thing to do etc etc.. we'll see.

Wish me luck people.

I feel refreshed!


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Jen said...

My favorite time to work out is at night, it's not as crowded and you definitely don't feel as rushed. I know people say that it's a bad idea but I actually can't sleep as well if I don't work out in the evenings/nights. There's something about it that helps deplete any excess energy that I have so I'm not jittery or antsy at night. After a nice shower post workout I'm ready for bed and get to sleep like a baby =)