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Friday, September 24, 2010

Update on Zumba Boy

Well in the past I talked about going to Zumba in 24 and twice I talked about this instructor that caught my attention here and here

I simply wanted to update that some time last week when I finally went in to the gym I decided to take a sheet with the different class schedules on it.

I was happy to see that Owen (aka Zumba Boy) had now re-taken over his old time slot as a Zumba instructor.

It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to see that this guy was now full time again.

I don't know this kid. What was going on with him or how he was doing but from the first time I met and saw him I've felt this 'mother hen' feeling toward him. I guess it's the mother in me... lol

I haven't actually gone to his class though, which I slightly regret. But I don't need to see him in action to be happy for him.

I hope everything goes well in his endeavers.. that Zumba Boy.


that's all!


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