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Monday, September 20, 2010

Weigh In

Current Weight: 232 lbs ( I used the house scale so I still have to check with the gym scale)

Work Out Achievement(s): First of all I decided to give myself a free day on Sunday, hence the reason there was no "Sunday Report". I'm also pretty happy and a bit relieved at my weigh in this morning since I admit yesterday I felt like utter shit and I could *feel* myself gaining weight. I was SO sure I had gone up to 240 lbs.. so when I read the scale this morning and found out that despite my laziness at going to the gym I still managed to lose a pound or two I was thrilled.

Since I pretty much wrote about my (lack of)work outs through out the week with my "reports" there's not much new to report here. Except that it's 10pm on Monday night and I still haven't gone to the gym.. something tells me it's not going to happen.. sigh

I have NOT given up! I will be starting work in the desert next week

This is a view of the road I'll be taking this weekend to reach my new home away from home~
and I need to prepared, so I have to start working out and getting re-used to working in high heat (eek! over 100 degree weather!)

So this brings us to,

Goal(s): So goal for this week is to continue to go to the gym and also start jogging outside more since there won't be any 24 hour fitness where I'm going and I have to get used to NOT relying on a gym for everything and get used to using the land.
This Saturday my mom, sis and I spent the whole day cleaning our backyard of junk and in all that rubble we found my mom's bike. It looked in pretty good condition despite the cobwebs and flat tires. Maybe some WD-40 on the chain and breaks and it could be good as new.
Maybe if I get my butt off the couch long enough I can start this little project and get it ready to take with me.. or maybe come back for it once I get settled in the desert.
Let's see what happens!


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