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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturdays Report

So yesterday I spent the whole day with my mom and sister working in the backyard.. clearing out all the crap we have (my family and I are the worst pack rats you can imagine. I mean seriously!) including tearing down old furniture and chopping up old mattresses, carrying heavy pieces of metal and iron (my dad is a welder) and also spraying the entire exterior of the house with an extra concentrated pesticide for fleas and ticks and etc since our poor dogs have been completely infested with fleas. I was scared we'd get reported to the SPCA at how bad it was.

By the time we finished I was tired and again, I didn't end up going to the gym. *shakes head* This is 3 days in a row already that I haven't gone. Not that I haven't kept active-ish but it's not the same.

And also since we didn't have time to cook anything my mom suddenly disappeared and came back with In-N-Out burgers. The best burgers in the world in my opinion, but also not the greatest choice.

So final report:

Calories burned: 1048
Calories consumed: 2640

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