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Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's worse: Emotional Eating or Emotional Shopping??

So yesterday wasn't a good day for me. Today isn't necesarily a big difference but I do feel a tad bit less-hopeless.

That's good right?

Well I decided to do something different.. Like what?

I decided to go window shopping at the local Lane Bryant store. (Which is quickly becoming my favorite plus size clothing store.. close call with Torrid)

Except I forgot how easily I can succumb to salesmanship and flat out flattery. Especially when the sexily dressed sales lady grabs me from the beginning and tells me that I should watch out because since I'm "smaller sized" that things my "small" size goes fast and I should make sure to check out this section and etc.

The ladies also convinced me to try out a cami/shirt layer combination in a size smaller than what I'm used to.

I try on the thing. I like it. The ladies convince me to buy it.

I listen to them. I feel better.

Why did this happen?
Maybe because I felt better when someone told me I was considered "smaller sized" in a plus sized store.
Maybe it was because of the way I looked in the size they gave me.
Maybe it's because I hate my current look and wanted to do something different. (I did straighten my hair today.. something I haven't done since college.)

I don't know but you be the judge:

This is me, today, with straight hair in a LB fitting room with a cami/shirt combination in a size 14/16.
This is the crappy pic I managed to take with my phone the second one of the very insistant sales ladies knocked on my door and asked me how I was doing.
I think you could tell I had the "cat ate the canary" caught look when I turned around. LOL

What do you think? Well obviously I liked it cause I ended up buying the cami (not the shirt) and I feel like going back and buying more.

I admit I felt weird though cause the sales woman kept talking to someone on the other side of her headset and kept repeating "Bring out all the different color camis in a size 14. A size 14 honey. Yes 14."

I kept thinking "14? Weird!!"

No. I am NOT a size 14. Not yet.

But one day!~


1 comment:

Paula Rodriguez said...

I think emotional shopping is the way to go cuz we can return our goods ... unlike emotional eating. Joking aside, I've done the same as you. I like the attention you get when you shop at Lane Bryant. The ladies are always real helpful and I'm always curious to see what someone else picks out for me. It's a great deal of fun.

You'll be in the size 14 in no time. It's good to have an item in your closet to work towards. I'm thinking of buying me a size 12 jeans. Now that would be something.

Thank you for following my blog.