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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Super Late Weign In

It's the belly button of the week and only now am I getting to the Weigh In

Disappointment is in order:

Current Weight: 229 lbs (what?! gah!!)

Workout Achievement(s): I made it to the gym maybe four times last week. I got lazy during Labor Day weekend and rushed one of those workouts because it was getting late for my "hot date" I had that night. (lol lol lol). Apparently Labor Day weekends, eating ice cream here and there and "hot dates" are not enough to keep the weight down but actually brings the weight up. Who knew? Who knew...

I admit right now that this is starting to worry me again. Again I've been feeling the effects of the weight gain in my skin. Discomfort and pain again. Why do health complications rely sooo much on the scale?? Why?! *whine, whine, gripe, gripe*

I'm considering calling Kaiser and demanding an appointment with a dietician. The last time I called they refered me to "Prevention Classes" where I ended up taking a diabetes class, weight management class, and the ol' favorite Depression class .

I DON'T want a class. I want to talk to a dietician and come up with something for me specifically. Or at least talk to someone one-on-one about the things I already know but need to be pushed and ingrained in my head. Maybe even forced to do a food journal and come back in a week if I have to.

I need to be forced to do this. I'm getting lazy again and it shows. It shows on the scale. It shows in the mirror. It shows in my skin.

(WTH am I talking about skin and pain and etc you ask? Look it up if you're really interested )

When I re-look up my health problems I get mad and ashamed that I would risk those things for junk food and lazy weather. Ashamed.

This is not fun.

Goal(s): Well I already mentioned talking to a dietician. I need to keep going to the gym. Just go everyday. That's all I can ask for right now. If I try to come up with some elaborate plan I'm going set myself up for failure, and I don't need that.

It's time to start reading more blogs maybe. I need to inspire myself!

Wish me luck *slumps*

I'm going to need it.


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zombiekim said...

Good luck! Especially with your fight with Kaiser.