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Monday, March 14, 2011

Temptation tastes like Cherries

I'm home. I spent most of the day shopping around with my parents. We took a detour to our favorite ice cream shop in the local college village.

I usually buy a hand made drumstick cone out of strawberry ice cream, but today I decided I wanted something different.

Chocolate macadamia nut cookie with dark cherry chocolate ice cream. Mmmm. That's one thing I've always liked about this ice cream shop, they combine different tastes together from the generic, vanilla-chocolate-strawberry combinations.

This was an awesome change from the regular that I just couldn't feel guilty.

I was proud of my mom too because she got a chocolate almond drumstick and didn't finish it. She said she was full and decidedly took away what she didn't finish. I was proud of myself also because I didn't finish it for her. Win-win!

I finished this yummy monster and really needed some water. Sweet overload. I got a complimentary cup of water and then my parents and I "walked it off" by walking the cute little village street.

We stopped at my favorite record/music store "You rock my socks off Rhino Records!" and ended up buying a copy of Some Like It Hot and Cabaret; two epic movies of all time. Both with behind the scenes special features (Yes, I'm such a movie buff that the behind the scenes, many times, is my favorite part of a dvd. LOL)

Talk about temptation: Chocolate cherry cookie sandwich followed by Marilyn Monroe and Liza Minnelli classics. Oh yes, I'm a dork~ LOL

It was a good day today and it reminds me that not everything revolves around "calories in vs. calories out". Life has more meaning than that. Yes having a healthy body and taking care of myself is important, but it's important so that I can focus my energy to live. my. life.

I guess I'm mainly reminding myself that I need to "work [out] to live" not "live to work [out]" (unless you're an athlete. LOL. In that case more power to you!)

My life revolves around chocolate and epic burlesque-ish movies.

What does your life revolve around?


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