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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weigh In

I almost wanted to Pass on my weigh in when I looked at the scale but told myself, no. That would be avoiding the issue. So here goes:

Current Weight: 207.0 lbs (Yup gained some weight. Hell.)

Work Out Achievement(s): I was actually doing really good for a while. I went jogging once, went swimming once and tried out pilates for atleast 4 days in a row last week. But then you have to remember that I usually swim 6 days a week and add some jogging so I guess I didn't do as well as I thought. Put in the fact that I was eating cookies, chips and salsa, fruit and birthday cake all weekend since I went back to help my old boss pick up and there's a lot of time to stuff yourself I guess I pretty much ruined the progress I'd made earlier in the week.

But this isn't all bad, and to tell you the truth I don't feel that hopeless. I'm actually really proud of myself for continuing with pilates because it's a lot harder and incorporates toning my core and working my arms and my thighs in different ways.

I also got a suggestion and a lot of advice on incorporating weight training in to my work outs (and for those of you who gave me advise and are reading this now THANK YOU!) so I have a lot of new resources to start switching it up.

More and more I'm realizing I'm going to be losing the pool soon, once this job is over and I want to have a good, new routine ready for when I move on to the next job this summer.

To sum this up, I'm nowhere near giving up. I just have to try again.

Goal(s): So as I just mentioned this week is going to re-attempt my pilates work outs and force myself to get to the pool. I'm getting lazier and lazier and I'm noticing my laziness is triggering my old habit of going to the fridge because I"m "bored". This is NOT good.

It's time to force myself to movement and motivation. Like I was telling someone earlier this week, if I don't have the motivation to do something I force myself to do it anyway and hope that once I start I'll get motivated. If it never happens at least I still did it. Kicking and screaming, but I did it.

Operation:"Don't let laziness get me down!" is now in effect.

Let's see what happens eh? LOL

wish me luck!



Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Haaaay, girl. I love that you aren't letting a gain stop you and I agree that strength training is a great thing. But doesn't Pilates count? Anyways, be well :)

Blubeari said...

Pilates is soooo above me. I tried it as a class in college and boy did I regret that, lol! It was good for me but so hard! I suspect I had a bad instructor though, I would like to attempt it again one day with a different one.