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Monday, March 14, 2011

Weigh In

"Would you look at that, I'm a size 16."

That's what I wanted to title this post but thought I'd put it in the beginning instead. But we'll get to that. It's Monday and that means Weigh In! Let's start:

Current Weight: 204 lbs (I used the house scale this morning, but it told me I'd lost 2 lbs so I'll keep it. LOL)

Work Out Achievement(s): Last week was a very long and stressful week. But at the same time I returned to cooking dinner for myself and promised I was no longer going to eat out. I missed swimming twice (I think) but replaced it with a jog and I finally returned to my pilates video.

I admit I wasn't able to do a lot of the moves in the core work out. Simply keeping my legs elevated at a 45 degree angle for any period of time is a challenge. But like everything else I understand that it will come with practice. Plus I noticed a lot of moves similar to swimming (like there was a move called backstroke. LOL) so it wasn't completely alien to me. I kind of liked it. I plan to do it again.

However although I wasn't able to do all the moves I STILL ended up with a sore core two days later. Ugh. LOL. I'm simply trying out new and different work outs and slowly transition myself out from strictly swimming as well as hoping I'll find a work out that can get me out of the plateau I've been in since January.

Ah plateaus. I really didn't want to admit it but it's the middle of March. And I've been stuck in the 200's for over two months. There's no other word for it. I'm starting to dislike looking at myself in the mirror again. I'm completely unsatisfied (or is it dissatisfied?) to where I am right now, but I'm no where near giving up. On the contrary I know I've gotten this far and I feel like there's a steady fire inside me urging me to continue until I AM satisfied.

So this brings me back to the first sentence. This morning I woke up and picked up a pair of slacks my mom had given me last night. They were a size 16. When I started this blog I was a size 22. I've since then gone down to a comfortable 18. But I've been stuck there (or so I thought, but I only have one pair of 18 pants... and use them constantly..) and I accepted those slacks with a bit of skepticism, simply thinking I now had "goal pants" since the waist band looked so small (to me). Last week she had sent me a care package with a couple of 16 pants and those fit, a little snuggly but not bad, however I simply told myself they were stretchy pants and moved on with my day.

Anyway I had to come up with an outfit for my interview later today (wish me luck!) and tried on the slacks.

Bring them up, suck in the gut, clip the button, pull up the zipper, exhale and...

"Holy sh**! There's barely a muffin top on these suckers!(pause. admire) Will you look at that. I guess I'm a size 16."

I admit I felt like America Ferrera in that scene from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants when I tried on those pants. Even though you KNOW she's going to fit in to those pants you can't help but be surprised when she zips those suckers up and they fit her just as well as they fit the tall long soccer player girl. No. Way.

Right at about second 0:18 is what I'm talking about.

It's safe to say I got a bit of a happy satisfied feeling when that happened and plan on wearing those slacks for my interview, a bit of a personal hidden meaning to keep me confident and happy during the interview you could say. LOL

Goal(s): It's time to continue cooking for myself and continue trying out different work out routines. I lost two pounds last week even with all the madness and things could only get better right?

Of course they can!

Have a great week!



midlife_swimmer said...

if you are in the pool and want to work on your core I suggest streamline dolphin kick on your back. You tube videos and experimentation should help you do it if you do not know how. if you are underwater on your back always blow a stream of bubbles out your nose...same with during flip turns... just hum.

I do a lot of dry land core work lately and have noticed a change in the support my core gives the rest of my body.

awesome on the 16s :)

2fivefive said...

Ahh, i love this post because it's pretty much exactly how I've been feeling since I hit a plateau. Yay for the size 16:)

Pretty Pauline said...

This is just THE COOLEST POST! WAY cool. :) I hope you are feeling better by now~we have been sick too. NO FUN!