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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Western and Snowy Weigh In!

Ok so it's Tuesday and I am now rested. I swear!

Here is the late Weigh In.

Current Weight: 205.6 lbs (Gaaahh! Is all I can say here. And maybe add a few curse words somewhere in the middle of, "**** This ***** plateau and **** those cookies I ate.")

Work Out Achievement(s): So most of last week was spent with me with a cold. That didn't stop me from heading to the Eastern Sierra to meet up with my old boss and his new crew, but it did stop me from working out, besides work itself (which is active all by itself.) And we ended up eating out twice in the couple of days I was out there so that means that this weekend I ended up eating:

-Two burgers, one with avocado and one with mushrooms (avocado burger!!!)
-Mayo (I hardly ever eat Mayo nowadays but I do have the tendency of dipping my fries in mayo. Though I rarely eat fries. Am I weird?)
-Cookies (Chips Ahoy Chewy mainly)
-this little chocolate fudge cake the lady from the gas station told me was really good (and it was! HA!)
-Lots and Lots of Beef Jerky (there's this store that has the only jerky I'll ever eat and since it's located in the middle of nowhere and I only go there once a year I thought it would be ok for me to go all out on these things. LOL)
-a beer (shocking I know.)
-a snapple (also shocking as I stopped drinking juices)
-and lots and lots of Cuties (those are tangerines right? either way they were yummy)

I guess this just proves that I have a very little discipline when it comes to food I haven't had in a while being put in front of me. I Really need to work on that.

But I can't say I'm completely regretful. The weekend was fun, and although the rain cancelled the work for the day (kind of defeated the purpose of me being there as "extra help") I did have fun reminiscing and hanging out with the crew. Not only that but it the storm brought snow to the near by mountains and covered them (and my car) in white.

It was beautiful.

There was even snow on the first stretch of Death Valley on my drive back to the middle of nowhere.

Canyon on the North end of Death Valley, you could still see the Sierra Mts covered in snow in the distance

It was a fun time and I'll be heading out there again this weekend to help them one more time.

Goal(s): Ok so besides the beautiful scenery I wasn't happy with my food intake nor was I happy (though I'm relieved I didn't gain more with the lack of activity all last week and this weekends food binge) with this plateau I'm still in.

So this morning I told myself I will try my HARDEST to lose 5 pounds ( I know that isn't healthy and I know it's very unlikely but you have to head for the stars to reach the moon right?) by next week. If I even get to lose 3 or 4 pounds I'd be thrilled. Hell I'd be thrilled if I lost one or two. But the point is to get serious again.

So I'm going to limit my carb intake, and up my exercise. I feel better, my cold is nearly gone and already this morning I went for a jog. I plan to return to swimming tonight too, AND I'm going to re-attempt my pilates video. Practice makes perfect and I want to be able to hold my legs up in the air and do those crunch-pumps like nobody's business.

I can do this! I'm healthy again and raring to go!

Here's one last funny pic of me in the Western Movies museum we visited on our rain day:
Do you like my chair?

Have a great week every one!



Anonymous said...

So happy u got to Go! Wish I could have been there great to know the ranch motel still Stands! Everytime I read ur blog it makes me want to start one.

w0rld4vamps said...

Well anonymous.. whoever you are, why don't you start one? It's fun! LOL and then I could read it!