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Thursday, March 31, 2011

OK, It's time to start over...

Ok so I need to face facts and admit that I'm more bummed than I sounded on this weeks Weigh In. This plateau and this weeks weight gain really got me and I'm dreading, ABSOLUTELY dreading having to log my beginning April weight on the side panel tomorrow. --->

After talking with the awesomest-cousin-in-the-whole-world-no-seriously I have come to realize that part of my binging, lack of motivation, whatever you want to call it has something to do with this lapse I'm having in to the "old me" aka the person before w0rld's FAT blog. The person with the low self esteem and laziness. The person I hated looking at in the mirror.

You see she seems to have come back to visit and she's an unwanted guest! I'm trying to get her to leave!

But it's hard. So I've decided I'm starting over. Not completely of course. I've gone too far for that. No, what I'm saying is that I need to start with small goals again.

I need to start with accomplishing the little things. Make it a habit. Things like make sure I drink enough water everyday for a week straight. Make sure I take my meds every day for a week straight. Make sure I brush my teeth, make my bed, go outside, etc. for a week straight.

You get my meaning. When this laziness and etc starts even the little things seem hard to do. I don't even feel like taking a shower sometimes and lack of hygiene etiquette is ALWAYS a bad sign. (Don't worry I do it anyway, but the fact that "I don't wanna!" isn't good)-- And very NOT like me.

So I'm starting over. I need to get myself back to healthy habits and then I can go on from there.

Never let it be said this journey was easy.

It's not all bad you know, this week when I was doing my jog I noticed that the shadow that followed me didn't look like a fat girl "trotting". It almost looked like well-shaped girl jogging. That's gotta be progress right? Hell yeah it is!

I will NEVER give up!

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