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Thursday, March 10, 2011


So yesterday I made this very lengthy ranting post about how stressed I was.

I have since then made a decision. I now see a light in the tunnel... and new obstacles ahead.

What am I talking about? I made a decision on a job.. for the summer.. that will hopefully--if I play my cards right-- will help me to move toward getting in to grad school, that will help me toward a great career, where I can finally make enough money, so that I can finally get my dog, meet some people, and get my life going.

And maybe, JUST maybe have my own permanent address someday. Crazy! I know!

I feel much lighter. AND I haven't binged today either. I kind of feel like I have enough space in my head now to look at different things, like maybe spicing up the look of this blog again.. and maybe working on a new work out and food intake regime.

"I will win this inner war!! Ha Ha, Elina the Conquerer!"

That's what I like to tell myself but I admit I'm incredibly nervous. This is a big risk for me and I'm not much of a risk taker.

I tried to make a conquering face for a pic with my webcam but all that came out were these nervous looking smiles so I just let my nervous face speak for itself

But if we remember this is "The Year of Risk Taking". So here I am. Taking a risk on a job. I can do this. Right?

We'll see.




Margee said...

Awesome!!! Mazel tov. I hope the decision brings with it a great personal and professional reward.

Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo we all have our lil break downs, mine was this past weekend now im pretty optimistic and doin my best to make what i want happen, keep your head up lina love ya buddy

Megan W. said...

Hey Elina,
Its been a long time! It is wonderful to see that you are going after what you want, taking risks and challenging yourself. Go you! I like your blog, will keep reading, you have my support.
rock on.

w0rld4vamps said...

I feel the love you guys. I feel the love. Thank you. *hugs*